19th and 20th Century Psychiatry In Shocking Photos

Within the 19th and 20th century, conditions ranging from epilepsy and schizophrenia to things like dementia, post-traumatic stress, and even depression were treated with shocking cruelty. Because, people with psychiatric problems were not always considered fully human. 19th and 20th Century Psychiatry In Shocking Photos Tweet this Followings are some of the shocking  psychiatric practices that were…


The Man Who Forgot How To Read

You can identify multiple skills which you do not think of relearning any longer i.e. you don’t expect to forget them anytime soon. Your ability to perform skills such as writing your name, painting, playing chess, drawing, counting and reciting alphabets, has become almost second nature; as you increasingly execute them with less consciousness often. You believe the skills are now…


Can Smoking Be Linked To Schizophrenia?

An analysis was made on data from 61 studies on 15,000 smokers and 273,000 non-smokers to figure out the part played by smoking in the causation of psychotic illnesses like schizophrenia. Researchers found out smokers face an increased risk of schizophrenia. Can Smoking Be Linked To Schizophrenia? Tweet this Previous studies defined Schizophrenia as a…

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