Addiction & Recovery Rollercoaster

Dealing with addiction can be very challenging, but success stories have shown that recovery is a reality for addicts. The period of recovery is sometimes referred to as rollercoaster ride, because of the presence of great highs and lows. During this great time of change, your emotion can be a bit tumultuous, especially if you are…


High Heels and the Desire for Status

In a study on ‘conformity and human need for status,‘ researchers tell why women tend to go for higher high heels as a way of fitting in with others, especially, those in higher city. Women judge their status by the height of their heel. They tend to adopt the local fashion (heel-height) worn by affluent women in wealthier…


What Half of Your Friends Think of You

A new study reveals that those good friends of yours may not consider you a friend after all; probably an acquaintance. The study was jointly carried out by researchers from Tel Aviv University in Isreal and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Dr. Erez Shmueli, the lead author, explained: “It turns out that we’re very bad at…

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