Mental Illness and Spirituality (Epic Illustrations)

The illustrations of human challenges are not only limited to mediums such as filming and writing; artists have also being visually representing them in stunning ways. Artist Nosipho Nxele is one of the few illustrators that have been creating awareness and giving visual representations to issues such as mental illness and spirituality.

The illustrations below are from some of her projects titled “The Mental Squad” and “Broken Meditation.”

My Demons.

When asked how her series on mental illness was birthed, Nosipho told 10and5:

In 2016 I suffered from panic attacks and today I still do, caused by long unresolved memories that left me bitter and broken. Being mentally ill is such a taboo, and it’s not taken very seriously especially in our black community. I was brought up in a strong Christian background, there was no time to attend to “demonic” things such as mental illness. In our community it’s either you are ‘crazy’ or ‘demonic’, there is no in between.

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