5 Habits That Wear You Down.

Research indicates the causes of mental health problems are not only limited to what you eat or trauma of the past, but, they could also be linked to your habits. i.e. way of reacting to issues, manner of reasoning and relating with others.

Found of Taking Pictures of Everything.

According to a study published in Psychological Science. Participants took a museum tour, observing and snapping pictures of some of the objects on their way. Findings showed that, they had a harder time remembering the items they photographed compared with the ones they only looked at.

The research authors profess that, snapping pictures of every scene will hamper one’s ability to remember some vital moments.

Taking life too serious.


Instead of shrugging off, you always take time to remember memories of some undesirable moment. Find ways to laugh more.

“There are many studies showing the benefits of laughter on our health and this includes mental health, Laughter is the fast medicine for anxiety and depression.” says Erin K. Leonard, Ph.D., a practicing psychotherapist.

Addicted to Mobile Phone.

phone addict

“With all the devices we have, it tends to overstimulate us, And if we are always on, then we never truly rest and regenerate our bodies and our minds,” said Diedra L. Clay, PsyD, chair and associate professor of the counseling and  health psychology department at Bastyr University.

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  4. October 9, 2016 @ 7:49 pm Segun

    Excellent Article, Kudos!
    But in all, doesn’t that mean doing what we don’t love doing is what gets us weary???

    My Question:
    Sir. How can one get to know a kid who among 5 stole a sweet?
    (not being curious but working towards a better way to nurture my child(ren).


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