Everyday Struggles of Women Illustrated

Day to day struggles of the modern women are so complicated. From making up to dealing with relationships, in fact to be a woman can be tough. Cassandra Calin, a 21-year-old Romanian cartoonist and graphic designer created some short comics, that illustrate the struggles modern women face everyday which guys rarely understand. The hilarious and cute comics will also help women laugh about their problems.

Women's Struggles 5

I draw comics inspired by my life and experiences, says Cassandra. I enjoy laughing at my awkward self and ranting about silly misfortunes such as being born with curly hair.

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  1. September 4, 2016 @ 2:17 pm Page

    This makes me really sad. EVERY DAY struggle of self-consciousness? NO women should deal with such high expectations for herself. Unfortunately the media makes women believe that THIS is what womanhood looks like… Let’s change what the every day struggles of women are. Let the struggle be AGAINST the overpowering misogyny of this culture which holds women to such high standards!!


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