How To Overcome Jealousy

You hear a competitor’s gloating acceptance speech and your heart pounds. A school mate seemed to have it all: perfect hair, teeth, and her hunky boyfriend makes you run mad. Whatever could be the reason you get jealous: mind you, it’s never a good companion. Jealousy pose negative impact on your relationship with others and also against your…


The Link Between Walking Style And Aggression

A new study from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom confirms how aggressive a person is can be identified by the way they walk. The research conducted on the personalities of 29 participants shows potential relationship between an individual’s biological motion (thorax and pelvis movements, and speed of gait) and their intention to engage in aggression-linked…


6 Advantages of Sadness

With the overwhelming low moods being caused by unfulfilled dreams, lack of friends, loss of loved ones, season changes and breakups; a variety of psychologists and social scientists claim there are some unappreciated mental and social perks to sadness. Being sad from time to time has purposefully been helping humanity to survive. We usually consider…

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