Awesome Stories of Addiction Recovery

The issue of drug habit / substance abuse has been a challenging issue. The troubled victims who wish to escape the addiction often talk about the great highs and lows in the period of recovery i.e. the process of kicking the habit.

Inspiring, success stories so far show recovery is a reality for addicts.

During recovery, your emotion can be a bit tumultuous as treatment anxiety becomes so tough to handle, especially, when substance abuse has been your way of life for years.

Freelance writer Constance Ray spoke to a few recovering addicts who thought it would be difficult for them to ever live differently again, ultimately, they were able to overcome their addiction to substance abuse and make the most of their stay.

Cody conquered his fear.

When I first got here I was scared. I was shaking — I was scared to death,” Cody narrated his experience during rehabilitation.

Cody decided to take back his life, and fortunately, he had a secret weapon that gave him the confidence boost he needed for the recovery: music, this happen to be his greatest passion – Rey writes on the official blogsite for Kevin Sprouls

I grabbed my guitar, and there was a concert going on: everybody’s eyes were all on me, and it changed my whole perspective,” he said.


It’s probably the first time I ever actually played sober, and it felt magnificent. It gave me hope. I wrote more songs in the time that I’ve been here than I have in my entire life,” Cody added.

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