7 Things No One Tells You About Adult Life

Whatever nice things were done for you as a child will never be repeated once you step into adulthood. Change isn’t optional nor bad, as people and things that make your life complete and meaningful come and go. Some people are scared of the responsibilities that accompany the adult life, probably because they are not easily alerted to situations that trigger their fear of growing up.

“You cannot approach your fear directly; however, you can address the problem of being an adult by recognizing and challenging defenses and altering childish behavior patterns,” wrote Robert Firestone Ph.D., author of ‘How to Become More Adult and Successful in Your Life.’

From pressure of becoming successful, having children, choosing religion, securing happiness, relationship and lots more; only but few are actually prepared for the challenges in adult life either via self-study or from what others told them. But, are there any key lessons you felt like nobody told you about adult life?

Check the following observations with quotes that were made by some people who decide letting the world know what lessons they wish they were taught about adult life:

Empathy: The key to connecting people.

Empathy makes you a better person, even when you lack solutions to people’s problems. No one expects you to have solutions to every problem, what’s more important is to pay attention to understanding the other person’s feelings.

Nelson Wang, founder of CEOLifestyle.io, said:

Once, my sister called me to talk about a tough situation. I didn’t have an answer to the problem, so I said, “What do you want me to do about it?”

And she said, “Nothing, I just want you to listen to me, that’s all.”

Highest Achievers are not Necessarily the Smartest People.

I’ve often theorized to myself that it’s the illusion of IQ being a precursor to success that allows one to develop the mindset and confidence necessary to become successful during one’s formative years, without realizing that it’s really the psychological disposition, independent of innate intelligence, that is the main predictor of success, says Bari Bardhan, a Quora user.

Not your IQ score, but ability to take on challenges and a goal-oriented mindset are the major indicators of success.


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