6 Famous People Who Suffer From Insomnia

Insomnia, a chronic sleep disorder in which an individual can not easily fall asleep or remain asleep through the night.

A new survey talks about the huge number of people who are not getting enough sleep; even at a time when majority don’t see any reason to talk about sleep. For those with insomnia, sleep never come so easily, but depend on pills. Only those who are unable to enjoy the benefits of a full night sleep know the worth of sleep, as they all deal with their sleeplessness day-in day-out no matter how tired the body is.

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Here is the list of celebrities with insomnia, who despite depression and anxiety, were able to live up to their dreams.

Check some notable insomniacs, and how they dealt with their sleeplessness.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Report says Lincoln battled with Insomnia, he would regularly take long walks at midnight just to clear his mind in a bid to get prepared for sleep.

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