5 of the Creepiest Suicide Notes

Mitchell Heisman

Suicide Notes Heisman

The Jewish-American holder of a degree in psychology committed suicide in one of the original ways ever: he spent most of his years writing the longest suicide note ever seen (1905 pages).

In what sounds so different from others: Heisman did not take his own life in a moment of madness or depression, but he killed himself just because he couldn’t find the meaning and purpose of living, after he studied it for years and questioned everything. So, he got to the conclusion that “There is nothing to take seriously!”

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Here is just an excerpt from Heisman’s suicide note: the link to the note is provided at the end of this compilation.

Now, before I blow my brains out, I should like to point out that the most basic issue at the very center of this work is not biology, race, or technology; it is nihilism. Ultimately,
this is an experiment in nihilism. Every word, every thought, and every emotion come back to one core problem: life is meaningless. The experiment in nihilism is to seek out and expose every illusion and every myth, wherever it may lead, no matter what, even if it kills us.

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