Mental illness

5 Most Interesting Mental Illnesses

Mental illness is not common knowledge for anyone. Majority of us have been misinformed, fed with little or no knowledge about the various mental illnesses that threaten human existence. This limits our understanding to just the commonly discussed mental illnesses that are often wrong, and consequentially makes us wallow in various myths that surrounds mental illness….


The Effects of Yelling at Kids

Some parents have totally lost the power to regulate their emotions, as they take them out on their children via yelling. This mode of correction raises unhappy kids who resist parents’ guidance. The Effects of Yelling at Children Tweet this Strict parents yell at kids in the public, yell in the car, yell in the house, and sometimes…

Passive Aggressive

The Roots of Passive Aggressive Behavior

Those who lack good negotiation skills and the boldness to bear the consequences of open debate, always depend on passive aggressive strategies for bail out; they lack the courage and force of personality to take them on directly. The strategies become habitual forms of behavior with which they defend themselves since they lack the will to openly make…

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