The 7 Styles of Learning

Everyone learns differently and handles every issues of life in separate ways; because, learning itself is a complicated concept. You probably fall in any of these styles of learning. The Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching describes Learning Styles as approaches being used to describe how learners gather, sift through, interpret, organize, come to conclusions about, and…


Aging and your Sense of Smell

Study says an old individual can perceive smell in different way other than how it’s being perceived by the younger ones. A new study also confirm sensory neurons in the olfactory system in people over 60 may show responses to odour that make it difficult to identify specific smells. This can create issues with identifying…


How to Detect False Smiles

Research by Masaki Yuki (Hokkaido University), William Maddux (INSEAD) and Takahiko Masuda (University of Alberta) published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology in 2007, compared Japanese and American interpretations of computerized icons and human images showing a range of emotions. These Findings suggests where emotional control is the cultural norm (e.g. Japan) eyes are…

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